MNPERE Electric Drives

MNPERE's Electric Drives: An Integrative Approach

by N. Mohan, year 2003 edition

This book includes:  a CD-Rom with 340 Adobe Acrobat slides, 464 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978097152950

This first semester book is the first in a two volume set. The second book in this set is Advanced Electric Drives: Analysis, Control and Modeling using Simulink

For instructors who adopt this text book:  An enhanced CD-ROM with audio clips ideal for preparing lectures and teaching. A Solutions Manual will be sent once your school's order for student books is received. For ordering information, see the MNPERE Book Order Form.

About this Book - First what this book is not:  It is not intended to provide a superficial overview of topics in power systems, electric drives, and power electronics in a single course. Rather, it provides a very fundamental treatment of a broad range of topics, always keeping an eye towards applications. Outdated techniques are omitted to save time and avoid confusion. This book is based on years of research in education, with the help of many colleagues.

This research has led to:

1. Building-block approach for describing switch-mode power electronics used in modern-day drives

2. Making the space-vector theory approachable to undergraduates - as easy as using phasors (in fact easier, by providing a physical meaning to space-vector representations). The use of space vectors reveals the physical basis on which ac machines operate, thus allowing a clear understanding of how they ought to be controlled for optimum performance. An important benefit of this approach is the continuity between this introductory course and more advanced mathematically-based courses. (Please see the Second Semester book.)

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Table of Contents - 

Chapter 1 Introduction to Electric Drive Systems
Chapter 2 Understanding Mechanical System Requirements for Electric Drives
Chapter 3 Review of Basic Electric Circuits
Chapter 4 Basic Understanding of Switch-Mode Power Electronic Converters in Electric Drives
Chapter 5 Magnetic Circuits
Chapter 6 Basic Principles of Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion
Chapter 7 DC-Motor Drives and Electronically-Commutated Motor Drives
Chapter 8 Designing Feedback Controllers for Motor Drives
Chapter 9 Introduction to AC Machines and Space Vectors
Chapter 10 Sinusoidal Perm Magnet AC (Brushless DC) Drives, LCI-Synch Motor Drives,& Gen
Chapter 11 Induction-Motors: Balanced, Sinusoidal Steady State Operation
Chapter 12 Induction-Motor Drives: Speed Control
Chapter 13 Vector Control of Induction-Motor Drives: A Qualitative Examination
Chapter 14 Reluctance Drives: Stepper-Motor and Switched-Reluctance Drives
Chapter 15 Energy Efficiency of Electric Drives and Inverter-Motor Interactions
Chapter 16 Powering Electric Drives: Power Quality Issues
Chapter 17 Ancillary Issues in Drives:Sensors, ASICs, and Micro-Controllers

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